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[o3] worldresolution wallpapers;

Bit of an explination (as usual with my walls XD) for this~!

ANYWAY. These are...I suppose you could technically say they're Orphen from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen and Maaya Misaki from The SoulTaker, but they're also...not.

See, I play in this AWESOME X/1999 RPG, called worldresolution and I have several awesome characters, whom I love and adore, and there are many OTHER awesome characters, and we all interact and are awesome together.

I got bored tonight, and I was (shock) decidedly sick of my Skate wallpaper which I've had up for the past two months.


I started throwing a wall of all my WR characters together. Then halfway through I got a better idea, and collaged them into one for each character. Granted, I only finished Ria and Oliver, but yes.

So, anyway. These three wallpapers are of two of my WR characters, Oliver Malcolm (seun) and Ria Reynolds (papermagic).

Cookie goes to the Firefly geek who can figure out the significance of their names, being they're my first two characters ;)

There are TWO Ria walls, because I originally did the grungy one, then after pasting it up on my desktop went 'this is so not Ria. Even in her current state.' so I went for something a bit more pretty.

I rather like them, really :)

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