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Herb Skillz; Icons
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. h e r b    s k i l l z .
Welcome to Herb Skillz, Icons by Varis!

This is the icon journal for live journal user offensive! No doubt you've stumbled here looking for pretty graphics or icons, and you'll find that here, sure enough. She doesn't have a set update pattern, but whenever she does update, you know there'll be a lot of stuff, so no worries.

The current layout is featuring a green herb from the video game series Resident Evil. This is actually where the name "herbskillz" came from, when Varis had had way too much caffeine and was yelling something or other about her "mad herb skillz." Contrary to what some people have thought, it has nothing to do with MMORPGs. It's Resident Evil.

o t h e r ;

[x] Credit herbskillz or offensive in either your user info, or your icon keywords. I can't hunt people who don't down, but just use some common sense please?
[x] Comments aren't required, but it'd be nice to know my work is appreciated :)
[x] Spread the love~! I always love seeing new people coming to the journal.
[x] Don't direct link to my icons! If you REALLY need to display them somewhere that isn't directly in your lj images, please PLEASE upload them to your own server. I pay for my photobucket account, which, while it means I don't have a bandwidth limit, it also means that if people are yoinking my icons, it puts pressure on their servers.

I have/do use stuff from the following:

serendipitysho probot teh_indy hecatesknickers katemonkey inxsomniax calixa kimberly_a ___xyourmistake wednesday_icons calasolitude icons_with_love fuzzy wickedripeplum saihara september_icons my_wonderful ashke_icons 10000_pixels magdalenaicons immoral @ icontemplation ladyheatherlly cdg_brushes colortone mharicons minttea dj43 _joni ___candyrain dearest fuzzy i_consent firaga rough_draft___ ewanism _hakanaidreams colorfilter 77words amethystia100 xonlyashesx tove_91 erniemay pixelfun risha_art lasirius piemin x_momolicious_x cielo_icons fauxhawkk xgraphicjunkie expose42 cooloring villa_femme xeludes infinite_muse kyoshitsu rose_de_sangre ellaangelus.

100x100_brushes amiableicons


There are probably more, and this is obviously subject to change. I mean to leave none of you out, and I <3 you all for being more talented with brushes than me.


[x]Kingdom Hearts 2 Trailer
[x]Final Fantasy [x]
[x]Resident Evil
Firefly [x]
[x]Harry Potter
Star Wars [x]
Supernatural [x]
Doctor Who [x][x]

Please note. All things with [x] before them, I have mostly done the caps myself. Eventually they may get uploaded, but they may not. otherwise things with the x after the title I have provided links to where I originally found the caps, as I'm not the one who made them. This is by no means a complete work, but I'm working on it.

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